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Pure. Gentle. Nourishing.
Natural Baby Wipes

Mama Nose natural baby wipes are created with passion and unconditional love. These antibacterial baby wipes will provide your tot with a pristine experience. All the elements in our wipes will leave your tot's bottom silky soft and squeaky clean.
These natural baby wipes will be your helping hand in cleaning up innocent

Mama Nose Wipes is all about utilizing Smart Ingredients !


    97.75% Pure Water keeps your little one fresh and clean, hydrating Aloe Vera extract reduces the risk of allergies and is a natural moisturizer.


    Developed for your tot to have a soft and irritation free experience, so we make sure that our product contains no fragrance and is hypoallergenic.


    Zero Harmful Chemicals, 0% Chlorine and Alcohol Free ensure they are safer and more gentle for tot's delicate skin.


    100% non-woven bamboo fiber and other Ingredients make this product, an easily compostable.

Mama Nose Natural Baby Wipes Makes Your Little One Happy

Special Features that make cleaning up messes easy.

  • 1. 99.75% pure water
  • 2. Fragrance−Free
  • 3. No harmful chemicals
  • 4. Made with bamboo
  • 5. Infused with aloe
  • 6. Earth−friendly
  • 1.

    99.75% pure water

    Mama Nose harmful chemical−free baby wipes contain 97.75% pure water. This keeps your
    little one fresh and clean. Pure water also minimizes the risk of rashes for your little one.

  • 2.


    Mama Nose antibacterial baby wipes are developed with no unnatural fragrances. We eliminated any ingredients that can potentially cause discomfort.

  • 3.

    No harmful chemicals

    Crafted with zero harmful chemicals. Mama Nose natural baby wipes are free from alcohol, chlorine, and other synthetic materials.

  • 4.

    Made with bamboo

    Made with 100% unwoven amboo fiber, Mama Nose baby wipes are soft and organic. They are hypoallergenic and reathable. A perfect match for your baby's sensitive skin.

  • 5.

    Infused with aloe

    Mama Nose chemical−free baby wipes are infused in aloe extracts. It cleans and soothes the baby's skin. Aloe extracts act as a moisturizer and reduce the risk of rashes.

  • 6.


    Made with natural ingredients like bamboo, Mama Nose baby wipes are compostable. You can now clean up your tot's mess without worrying about the environment.

Babies Loves Bamboo !

Bamboo fiber is extremely absorbent and soft and will provide a cleaner experience

Bamboo is biodegradable and earth−friendly.

Bamboo is a low maintenance crop that replenishes itself without extra help from fertilizers and manure.

Bamboo has a lower carbon footprint when compared to other materials that are usually used to construct mainstream products.

Bamboo fiber is soft and non−toxic to delicate bub skin as well as the environment.

Bamboo fiber is a natural Anti−bacterial.

Bamboo fabric is lighter and more breathable and will keep that baby calm and moisture−free.

Mama Nose Baby Wipes Are Perfection!

    Our little tots have sensitive bottoms and skin, that’s why we set out to create compostable wet wipes that contain no fragrance, are hypoallergenic made from 97.75% pure water and aloe vera so they’re gentle enough for their skin to prevent irritation.

    Your family and the environment are in good hands with our compostable wet wipes for babies as they contain no harmful chemicals and are made with 100% non-woven bamboo fiber. Now you can feel good about the choices you are making for our children’s future.

    Babies and toddlers seem to have the attention span of a fly! Our wet wipes give you the ability to change nappies and to clean their messy fingers quickly and with ease. They’re perfect for carrying with you on-the-go.

    Choose Mama Nose Wipes for Easier Patenting Experience

    • Pre-made

      Pre-made bundles will consist of 6 packs of nappies of the same size and 12/36 packs of wipes that suits your baby’s nappy needs the best.

    • Make your own box

      Make your own box is a unique yet easy experience that will help you create a customized bundle of nappies of different sizes

    • Wet

      Our wipes will provide the ultimate clean experience that you want your little one to have.

    • NO

      We do not believe in the tedious process that is a subscription plan and therefore No harsh commitments for Mama Nose


      A comfortable option for a new parent, who has doubts about the appropriate nappy size for the
      little tot. We understand the hardships of parenting.

    • BUY FOR

      Make multiple purchases from Mama Nose and avail a discount.

    We just want you and your little tot to be satisfied so that we can help Mother Nature smile.



    Why Mama Nose Wipes?

    Our wipes will be harsh on impurities but soft on your baby’s bum. We have crafted them with an alcohol free formula and we do declare that our product is constructed with non−toxic ingredients and are extremely easy to use. We use ingredients that are tender not only on your little one but also on Mother Nature as they are created from a 100% natural, non−woven bamboo fiber.

    What are the materials used to create your all natural wipes?

    Our wipes are made out of 100% natural, non−woven bamboo fiber that are infused with purified water and other Non−Toxic ingredients. MamaNose wipes have 97.75% of Pure Water and 2.25% of other ingredients such as Aloe extract, Glycerol, 1.3− Butanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin, GDL (Gluconolactone) and CPC (Cetylpyridinium chloride).

    Are your wipes flushable?

    No, our wipes are not flushable. Please dispose them into the bin. The wipes are compostable and do not contain any kind of harmful chemicals but their texture and build is much stronger and softer than that of a tissue paper. So we strongly recommend that you do not flush them.

    What is the exact size and dimension of your wipes?

    15cm*20cm, 60 wipes in one Packet

    Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
    Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
    Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
    Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
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    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online

    Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online

    Mama Nose natural baby wipes are free from harmful chemical and possess antibacterial properties. One pack of Mama Nose baby wipes contain 60 wet wipes.

    They can also be purchased in bulk, Mama Nose gives you the option to choose between a 12 pack carton and a 36 pack carton.

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    Select From 12 Packs / 36 Packs

    30 Nappies Per Pack