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  • Thoughtfully Crafted

    Biodegradable,Disposable Nappies & Bamboo Wipes


    Our products are safe to use, made with ingredients that are natural and gentle which protect your little one from discomfort. The 100% non-woven bamboo is what makes us better from most mainstream baby products.


    As adorable as little tots might be, we know that taking care of them can be extremely expensive and as loving parents , we only want them to have the very best. MamaNose has tried to create a convenient option by Introducing  MYOB , which is a medium for comfortable parenting. We also offer free shipping and delightful discounts to make parenting affordable


    When we started developing our superior and luxurious nappies, we decided to pick Bamboo as the core ingredient, since it is gentler, yet additionally on the grounds that we can source it dependably. It is our responsibility as community to take smart and efficient steps to give back to mama earth.


    All little tots are beautiful and deserve the very best and as a team of loving parents we understand this. Our entire range of baby care products consists of high quality ingredients that tick all the relevant boxes, providing little tots with a comfortable experience without compromising environmental happiness.

Our Biodegradable Nappies and wipes made with ❤

Whether you’re a new parent or have toddlers, we know how difficult it can be to find the right products to ensure that you’re providing your little ones with the best love and support whilst also keeping in mind the potential environmental impacts.

  • Nappies

    Mama Nose biodegradable nappies are crafted without harmful chemicals and are non-toxic in nature. They are the perfect match for your tot’s soft and sensitive skin. These compostable nappies are crafted from non-woven bamboo fibre, which has natural antibacterial properties, these bamboo nappies are also ultra-absorbent and will wick away the moisture from your tot’s skin.

  • Wipes

    Mama Nose biodegradable wipes are crafted with love and will provide a clean and healthy experience for both, you as well as your little one. These wipes for babies are also made from natural ingredients like water, aloe extracts and non-woven bamboo fibers. Aloe extracts in these biodegradable wipes act as a natural moisturizer and keeps your baby’s skin soft and hydrated.


Here at Mama Nose, we think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for the environment. You can have confidence that our biodegradable nappies and baby wipes will give you and your family the best of both worlds, ultimate comfort and fit, plus peace of mind
knowing you are making the best decision for future generations.

What Makes The Biodegrdable Nappies & Wipes?

  • Nappies and Wipes are harvested from sustainably managed Bamboo Farms.

  • Made into Totally Chlorine Free Pulp so no toxic chemicals are in our way.

  • Our products are made without latex, lotions, fragrances, phthalates, and alcohol.

  • Top & Bottom Sheet of Biodegradable Nappies and Wet Wipes Sheet are made with high-quality 100% Non-Woven Bamboo Fiber.

Our Biodegrdable Nappies and wet wipes have features you’ll love

  • Soft and Comfortable

    As a mum or dad, you understand what your tot does not say. When it comes to nappies, you can ensure that they always have a pleasant experience with our Mama Nose nappies, which are made from 100% Bamboo fiber with an all-natural aloe liner which will keep their skin dry and

  • Prevent Leakages

    Sometimes big trouble can come in a little package. Ensure your tot’s bottom and clothes remain dry and clean and they are content. Our bamboo nappies feature a leak guard that minimizes the risk of accidental spillage and a safe glue wet indicator that makes it easy to
    determine if they need changing.

  • Absorbent and Breathable

    A parent's love is like no other. Your little one will be in a better mood with our nappy’s ultra-breathable back sheet, allowing air to circulate to keep their little bottom soft and dry and the super absorbent core which traps moisture, so they don’t experience discomfort.

  • Movement and Flexibility

    Is your little tot at that age where they seem to be bouncing off the walls and you can’t take your eye off them even for a second because they’re becoming so quick?! Our compostable nappies feature an elastic waistband and triple strength side tabs so they can remain their adventurous selves without you worrying about them being restricted by their nappy.

  • Growing Tots

    Is your little one growing at the speed of light, or do you have a toddler as well as a newborn? Our range of biodegradable nappies come in four sizes from small for newborns to x-large for tots that are already walking. Children teach us what life is all about, let’s support their growth while also preserving our environment.

  • Convenience

    As parents ourselves, we totally understand how overwhelming it can be to have a newborn, it never seems like there are enough hours in the day. That’s why at MamaNose, we offer our bamboo made nappies for babies in pre-made bundles and customizable bundles, so you won’t have to run to the store last minute. Our nappies also feature a soft feel frontal tab so you can change your tot more discreetly while you’re on-the-go.

  • Delicate and Moisturizing

    Our little tots have sensitive bottoms and skin, that’s why we set out to create biodegradable wet wipes that contain no
    fragrance, are hypoallergenic made from 97.75% pure water and aloe vera so they’re gentle enough for their skin to prevent irritation.

  • Non-Toxic

    Your family and the environment are in good hands with our biodegradable wet wipes for babies as they contain no harmful chemicals and are made with 100% non-woven bamboo fiber. Our wipes are also compostable. Now you can feel good about the choices you are making for our children’s future.

  • On the Go Support

    Babies and toddlers seem to have the attention span of a fly! Our wet wipes give you the ability to change nappies and to clean their messy fingers quickly and with ease. They’re perfect for carrying with you on-the-go.

Why mama nose?

We are an Australian Brand, driven by parents that are passionate to improve the situation of Mama Earth and tots alike.

We generally look to comprehend the requirements of new parents and try to invent an experience that takes in consideration all their desires and concerns for their tots as well as the environment.

Our compostable nappies and wet wipes are designed to be the softest, most comfortable on the Australia Market. We use highest quality of ingredients that has ultra-absorbent and antibacterial properties to keep your tot's skin healthy.


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Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online
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Buy Mama Nose Bamboo Wet Wipes Online

Mama Nose natural baby wipes are free from harmful chemical and possess antibacterial properties. One pack of Mama Nose baby wipes contain 60 wet wipes.

They can also be purchased in bulk, Mama Nose gives you the option to choose between a 12 pack carton and a 36 pack carton.

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